Headed up by Professor Dr. Raqibul Mohammad Anwar, a Consultant laparoscopic colorectal Surgeon at Hinchinbrook Hospital, Cambridge and Bart’s and The Royal London Hospital, a group of non-resident British Bangladeshi doctors practicing in the UK, envisioned the idea of transferring knowledge, expertise and healthcare discipline to Bangladesh with a view of improving the quality of secondary and tertiary healthcare in the country. CAS Digi was responsible for creating massive awareness through digital platforms and for driving more patients.


The objective was to create awareness of mass people about the hospital services and ensure improved patient states.


We amplified the idea of awareness on digital media by using social media platforms, SEO, email marketing, google marketing, and Call-center. We planned to offer discounts on health checkup packages and membership cards at the opening ceremony. Also, we designed a digital health camp with expert doctors to viral content and reach to mass people being a brand advocate.


1. We started the campaign with a buzz by offering a 50% discount on a comprehensive health checkup for seven days from the inauguration date. Also, we brought a few influencers and VIP figures in the campaign to make mass people more aware.
2. We portrayed a video with the comment from the influencers and specialized doctors and boosted that in social media.
3. Simultaneously we collected the database of the people who lived in the peripheral area of the hospital and started cold calling activity.
4. We then conceptualized to increase referral patients through Facebook and LinkedIn business pages both in organic and in inorganic (Paid Campaigns) ways and to refer appointments from every possible digital source.
5. As part of the organic page like we started creating posts (Static Design, Infographic, motion-graphic, Animation, videography, etc.) daily considering the below parameters:

  • Hospital Service Awareness
  • Health Tips
  • Hospital Facility
  • Emergency Service
  • Unique selling point
  • Doctor’s Interview (Video)
  • Loadstar Doctor
  • Patient’s Interview (Referral)
  • Festive Greetings
  • Live Sessions with Doctors

Furthermore, we developed a customized post calendar, post schedule for the hospital analyzing on which day and at what time we are getting maximum post reach to engagement ratio.
6. In terms of media buying, we matched the Ad objective with the strategy. As our primary focus was to increase referral patients, we developed a catchy video with hospital offerings and started the “Get Lead” campaign.
7. To extend the awareness further, we focused on all possible Google Ad types, especially Search Network Ads, Display Network Ads, and YouTube Ads.
8. For e-mail marketing, we used the paid version of Mailchimp. We prepared a database of 5,000 patients who were suffering from rectal and colon diseases. We customized the e-mail template and linked a button with the appointment booking landing page.
9. Currently, we are working on website SEO, and for that, we are preparing the blogs and restructuring the website.

  • We were able to generate 328 new patients in three months.
  • The patient increased by 36.44% compared to the prior campaign period.
  • Almost 65.23% of people of the total target audience became aware of the hospital.
  • Page audience size increased from 735 to 10,201.
  • The average daily query in the messenger after campaign jumped from 3-5 to 18-22.