CAS Digi was responsible for inspiring the online audience and connecting them with the university awareness campaign to increase student admission. Eastern University is one of the top private universities in Bangladesh, which was established in 2003. They are also one of the top 10 universities according to the undergraduate commission ranking, Bangladesh. Their marketing and public relations department tracked our outperforming achievements from UITS university’s digital marketing campaigns and offered us to become their first digital branding partner. Being a retainer, we performed their digital branding activities to attract new students for an 8 months contract.


The strategy was to aware college students about the university and ensure improved admission status quo than the previous semester.


We amplified the idea of awareness on the digital media through Facebook platform to ensure higher admission. The reason behind is the background data analysis. We found out almost 47% of the total teenagers who fits in between age group of 18-24, the impeccable target audience for undergraduate program of a university, are active in Facebook. Also, we found out almost 32% of the total teenagers who fits in between age group of 25-34, the impeccable target audience for graduate program of a university, are active in Facebook.


1. At the foundation phase, we figured out there are multiple pages with the same name in social media. Thus we arranged to get a verified blue badge from Facebook to endorse the unique page. Also, we set up a LinkedIn page, and YouTube Channel.
2. We then conceptualized to increase engagement of the audiences in every page both in organic and inorganic (Paid Campaigns) way and to refer students.
3. As part of the organic page like we started creating posts (Static Design, Infographic, motion-graphic, Animation, videography, etc.) on a daily basis considering the below parameters

  • Student Review
  • Admission opening
  • Faculty Interviews
  • Loadstar Faculty
  • Successful Alumni
  • University Achievement/Award/Activity
  • Inter departmental Activity
  • Festive greetings
  • Club Activity
  • Educational Quote
  • Live Facebook Event – “Adda”

4. In terms of media buying we matched the Ad objective with the strategy. As our primary focus was to increase engagement, we started “Post engagement” campaign from Facebook platform.

  • Ensured ROI of 183.75% in terms of monetary value.
  • Student admission increased by 50.51% compared to the last fall semester.
  • Ensured total admission of 196 students in two semesters.
  • Page audience size increased organically from 122,554 to 134,904.
  • Average Organic Post reach increased from 2,500 to 4,500.
  • Average Organic Post engagement increased from 250-300 to 750-1100.
  • Average daily query in the messenger jumped from 5-7 to 25-28.